Thief uses 99 baht fake gun to aim bank robbery in Thailand

A gasoline station cashier used a faux gun he purchased on-line for ninety nine baht in an attempted theft of a Kasikorn Bank brank in Kalasin province in northeast Thailand on Monday. Upon arrest, he informed police that he was attempting to win back the 300,000 baht which he stole from his office and gambled all away.
At Bonanza .30pm, officers at Mueang Kalasin Police Station had been informed that a man was utilizing a gun to hold up a bank inside the Big C Department Store. A safety guard tackled and detained the thief, 25 yr outdated Yothin Khotwong, earlier than he managed to steal any cash.
During interrogation, Yothin informed the police that he works as a cashier at a gas station within the Mueang Kalasin district. He stated that he repeatedly used the gasoline station’s cash to gamble online till he lost 300,000 baht, reported ThaiRath.
He informed the police that he wanted to return the entire money to the gasoline station’s account so he thought he would order a fake gun on-line and use it in a financial institution heist.
Yothin carried the ninety nine baht gun into Big C, walked into the financial institution, and threatened a customer using the bank’s companies with the gun.
“Give me 1 million baht and I won’t do something,” Yothin mentioned to the client at faux gunpoint. Moments later he was pinned down by security guards who confiscated his “firearm.”
Big C safety guard, fifty five year old Mongkol Phuying, stated that he was on duty when he seen the assailant strolling into the financial institution. At that time, there have been two customers contained in the bank, stated Mongkol.
As soon because the thief demanded 1 million baht from the client, Mongkol stated that he knew the gun wasn’t actual. The security guard said he’s educated to spot pretend weapons and that the thief’s behaviour gave it away. Mongkol described Yothin’s posture as “not scary.”
Trusting his skills, Mongkol leapt into motion and captured the thief with the help of a male buyer whereas the financial institution employees pressed the alarm and rang 191..

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