Monkey with ghost face and slug snake a half of 224 new Mekong species

A monkey with white circles around its eyes, making it seem like a ghost, is considered one of 224 species newly added to a list of species in the Mekong area. Scientists found these species in 2020, but the report final year was delayed. The monkey is the one mammal on the list, and the remainder are reptiles, frogs and newts, fish, and vegetation. The countries within the Mekong area are Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
The new monkey species, referred to as Popa Langur, has two distinct features; the white circles round its eyes, and its whiskers that point ahead. The primate appears similar to the dusky leaf monkeys, or spectacled langurs, that are additionally dark with white circles across the eyes. Many dusky leaf monkeys may be found at Railay beach in Thailand’s southern province Krabi, alongside the Andaman coast.
Scientists discovered the Popa Langur species late final yr. Popa Langur might be listed as an endangered species, and scientists say solely 200 to 250 exist in a few locations. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei has huge wildlife range, and scientists have found 3,000 new species there since 1997.
Another uncommon species in the Mekong is the orange twin slug snake, a snake that eats slugs. Another is a brand new sort of Begonia with reddish flowers and berries. There can additionally be a ginger plant referred to as a stink bug, because of its dangerous smell. The report on the plant said it smells like beetles Thais use to make chilli dipping sauce. The ginger plant was found in a plant store in Northeastern Thailand.
Even though people have broken tropical forests and other wildlife areas, making many species go extinct, dozens of recent species are nonetheless discovered in the Mekong every year..

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