Child prodigy creates mesmerizing Sak Yant tattoo in Khon Kaen, Thailand

The abilities of a child prodigy went viral on Thai social media after he created a standard Thai tattoo (or Sak Yant) on a buyer within the Isaan province of Khon Kaen. The 10 year previous baby prodigy, Nakrob “Puen” Sooksusi, is considered the youngest tattoo artist in Thailand.
Sak Yant is a popular form of tattoo artwork in Thailand. It features geometrical and animal designs, often with Khmer script or Bali phrases believed to offer power, safety, charisma, fortune, and even immortality to those who wear them.
The tattooing process is often accompanied by a particular ritual to consecrate the art work, normally carried out in a temple, sacred shrine, or the studio of a tattoo master or Ajarn.
Puen learned the artwork of tattooing from his father, forty six 12 months outdated Witthaya Sooksusi, generally identified as Ajarn Aon Thep Munee Hermit. Puen has been learning Khmer script and practising tattooing since he was only 5 years outdated.
Witthaya revealed during an interview with ThaiRath that he decided to finish his profession as a police officer to turn into a hermit and opened a Sak Yant studio and rehabilitation. He additionally kicked off a training course for anybody interested in studying the art of Sak Yant, whereas his tattoos have gained recognition in international international locations as well.
Witthaya defined that he inspired Puen to be taught to tattoo as he was hooked on his mobile phone and social media. He asked what Puen wished to do, and Puen selected to apply tattooing. Witthaya said…
“At first, I did not expect that Puen could be so expert. I just wanted him to do other things as a substitute of using a mobile phone. Puen started by drawing a tattoo pattern three years ago, and now he can tattoo prospects. I monitored him at first, however right now he can do it alone. Many prospects want to get a tattoo with Puen.”
Puen informed the media…
“I am thinking about superstition and Sak Yant as a outcome of I grew up watching my father performing it every day. Father told me that if I am good at tattooing, he would open a tattoo studio abroad. Sak Yant helped me focus and spend my free time in a good way.”
Witthaya made known that his hermitage is a rehabilitation centre which has helped seven hundred drug addicts since its opening. Interesting offers drug addicts free tattoos if they promise to stop utilizing medicine.
Witthaya admitted that some returned to utilizing drugs however most of them felt guilty and got here back to apologize and undergo rehab again.
Puen isn’t Worldwide on the planet of tattooing. In Japan, a 14 year previous woman named Noko gained fame for her tattoo abilities and was included in Forbes Japan’s listing of the 30 most influential folks in Asia under the age of 30 in 2020.
The expertise of another younger tattoo artist in Singapore went viral after showcasing her skills at the Culture Cartel Exhibition final year. Fifteen-year-old Lilith Siow spent solely six months honing her skills and gained a status because the country’s youngest tattoo artist..

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